So the Story Goes… 

There’s something about brass that soothes the soul, lures one into a placating state of passion and arousal. It exfoliates the mind. 

RGM Project sounds big. RGM Project is big. They perform as a full 10 piece band with some of the very best playing brass. Driven by the jazz-blues direction of Bernie Klemmer, the rhythms rush back and forth, petering a bit before rebounding. 

Beth Reid sees it in really clear cut terms. “Really great music is really great music.” Reid’s filling vocals ride alongside the funk and jazz tones, providing an insightful guidance to the forthcoming turns and twists embedded in each song. Reid continues, “People respect really great music.” 

At its core, that’s exactly what RGM Project aspires to do. Over the past ten years, there’s become a void of original music, filled by a continuum of tribute and cover bands. Reid acknowledges that enticing folks to dabble and listen in original music becomes very “challenging.” People simply get comfortable listening to the sounds they’ve always heard. Introducing new tunes tends to become an uphill battle. 

For her angst, RGM Project continually becomes well received. It might be the tremendous jazz influence felt across all tunes, including “Indian Summer” and “So the Story Goes.” It also may be the stack of highly talented journeyman stopping off from their usual projects to step in the studio and perform at local performances. For them it’s a matter of building perfection in art, over money. 

Such artful casting reverberates in Algun Lunar Manana, whereby the Spanish composition delicately illuminates Reid’s pluming vocals against flowy jazz rhythms.  It lulls the listener into a brief derision of their current state. A new song to be heard at their show on Friday, January 12! Tickets $10 and can be found online or at the door. Doors open at 8pm!